Exterior Roller Blinds

Our Roller Blinds are extremely stable, robust and can be used for both new buildings and renovations. They provide optimal sun and weather protection and keep noise out. The security locks provide additional break-in protection. All roller blinds also ensure good heat insulation, as an air-filled insulated space is created between the closed roller blinds and the windowpane.


Aluminium roller blinds are a classic form of sun and weather protection that can also be used to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters the building by controlling the size of drop opening. If the aluminium roller blinds are completely closed, they ensure reliable darkening and excellent sight protection. At the same time, they also offer excellent sound and thermal insulation, thereby reducing the building’s heating costs. Aluminium roller blinds are available in a variety of designs and finishes, customised to suit your needs.


  • Suited for residential and commercial buildings
  • For new buildings and renovations
  • Sun and weather protection
  • Good sound and heat insulation
  • Durable, weather-resistant, stable and robust
  • Service and maintenance-friendly
  • Aesthetic and functional
  • Manual or Motorised


Roller Blinds RL 13 /SRL 13

Roller Blinds RL 37 /SRL 37

Roller Blinds RL 41 SRL 41

Wind-stable Roller Blind RL 37 W13

Roller Blind Alurol AR 41


  • Colour range
  • Extender
  • Box roller blinds
  • Locking latch
  • Push-up prevention
  • Version available with extruded profiles as safety roller blinds

Folding Roller blinds offer reliable protection against unwanted visitors and the weather, while from the inside they provide sound and noise insulation and regulate brightness to help create just the right ambience. The light alloy folding roller blinds are fitted with a standard automatic bolting device to enhance security. They fold up into the roller blind box to save space, making them well-suited for repairs.


  • High-quality materials: aluminium, age-resistant plastic and stainless steel guarantee a long service life
  • All parts can be recycled
  • Effective protection against break-ins and the effects of the weather and the environment
  • Automatic locking thanks to high-impact clip
  • Good thermal insulation
  • Maximum darkening is guaranteed when the roller blinds are closed
  • Continuous openings between the moving rods enable individual regulation of the supply of air and light
  • The lateral guide pins ensure that the folding roller blind rods are correctly folded away in the recess
  • The lateral guide rails made from extruded, clear anodised aluminium profiles are fitted with weather-resistant noise suppression inserts
  • Available with manual or motor drive


Locking Latch


Security roller blinds are virtually burglar-proof. They are made from extruded aluminium profiles, which are extremely stable. They also have reinforced pry-resistant side guide rails with concealed hinges and the option of a manual locking device. They therefore pose a serious problem to unwanted “guests” – even those armed with a crowbar.


  • First-class break-in protection with stable, extruded aluminium rods
  • Integrated anti-lift device
  • Long service life through the simple, robust construction
  • Low-noise operation with noise-suppressing inserts in the guide rails
  • First-class sight protection in living rooms and bedrooms when the roller blinds are closed
  • Optimal darkening on command
  • Can be combined with standard roller blinds
  • Also suitable for repairs and renovations
  • Service and maintenance-friendly