Due to EU legislations, ecological benefits and the recognition of the contribution to significant energy savings, not forgetting the aesthetically pleasing aspect, the market has changed. Exterior window solutions are becoming more and more popular. These systems are commonplace in mainland Europe, and the UK is now turning toward these solutions.

Global Shading Solutions Ltd, have been working within the shutter market for over 12 years, and have worked closely with Architects, Developers and Interior Designers to create the perfect window solutions, both interior and exterior to meet the needs of the individual projects.

Architects and interior designers have long preferred interior dressings to shade rooms from the sun, however are now turning to exterior solutions more and more.

Exterior shading systems have often been overlooked because of the initial higher cost, the aesthetic appearance may not fit well with older design principles or unfamiliarity by the architects and designers with alternative solutions. However, if function were the leading criterion for making the decision about how to control the harmful effects of the sun, exterior shading systems would be the number one choice.

The advantage of an exterior shutter/screen is that it reflects and absorbs solar energy outside the house… before it hits the windows.The exterior shutter/screen will absorb, reflect and re-emit a total of up to 95% of the total solar radiance while only 5% is admitted into the interior space.To help operate the exterior
screens/shutters, Global Shading Solutions Ltd can offer fully motorised sliding and folding track solutions, plus a fully motorised louvre solution, all fully
programmable with home automation systems.

The benefit of motorised solutions is that the user can control the heat/light at the touch of a button, especially practical for exterior solutions where weather conditions may be poor or fixed glass installations where access is an issue. Additionally, a homeowner could programme the shutters/louvres to open at pre-determined times of the day – a benefit for both heat/light control and security.

The options are endless and Global Shading Solutions Ltd can design bespoke screens/shutters that will allow maximum heat gain in the winter months and reduce internal temperatures during the summer months. Such flexibility is not only cost effective, but also much more desired in today’s energy and environmentally conscious society. Some structures with large expanses of glass have reported lower air conditioning cost by over 50%, so exterior shutter/screens are not only environmentally friendly, but can also pay for themselves in energy cost savings.

Let Global Shading Solutions Ltd work with you to develop the best system to meet your requirements.