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A New Shading Phenomenon

A new trend is hitting our towns, external blinds are becoming more popular and have every right to be a strong contender for our choice of window covering.

Aesthetically they look great, reducing the need to have drapes or blinds, keeping the interior clear providing a less restricted view of the outside. With an array of finishes, styles and options available for you to choose from, allowing you to compliment the look of your property.

Uncomfortable summer days need not to be a problem as the blinds block out up to 96% of the suns incoming solar radiation, acting like air conditioning to keep your property cool on even the hottest of summer days without the energy bill or related co2 emissions.

Additionally during colder periods our exterior roller blinds trap air between the glass and screen fabric providing an additional layer of insulation to the glazing helping to retain the heat in the building, keeping you warm and cosy whilst avoiding high winter bills.


Exterior shading is a part of the solution in the fight against climate change. So exterior shading is not only environmentally friendly, but can also pay for themselves in energy cost savings.

The innovative tracked locking mechanism physically locks the screen fabric within the side channels ensuring our external blinds are wind proof up to 25-31mph

Global Shading Solutions are passionate about all aspects of shading. With our extensive range of colours and designs, coupled with our experience means we are always able to specify and provide the right shading system for the application, requirement and budget.

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