Slatted roller blind with flanged slats, 58 mm wide. Can be used as sun and weather-protection. The angle of the slats can only be individually adjusted when the drop is in the fully lowered position.

Made from galvanised steel tubing – diam. 78 mm.

Made from powder-coated aluminium, with metal guide bolts mounted on both sides.
Lowered and raised in the closed slat position.
Slat colours from the colour range.

Pull and guide bands
Made from chrome nickel steel, with a direct slat connection by means of plastic eyelets.

Drop closure
Made from extruded aluminium profile, clear anodised, guided with plastic bolts.

Side guides made from extruded aluminium profile, clear anodised, with noise-suppressing plastic inserts.

Closed bevel gearbox with built-in brake, with end limit. Extendable PVC-coated articulated crank.

Malax – the proven plastic seal! Sealing washer or insert available at extra cost.

Tubular motor 230V/50Hz, with integrated limit switches and thermal protection, including a 1 m connecting cable.
Blind motors may not be connected in parallel.


Security roller blinds are virtually burglar-proof. They are made from extruded aluminium profiles, which are extremely stable. They also have reinforced pry-resistant side guide rails with concealed hinges and the option of a manual locking device. They therefore pose a serious problem to unwanted “guests” – even those armed with a crowbar.


  • First-class break-in protection with stable, extruded aluminium rods
  • Integrated anti-lift device
  • Long service life through the simple, robust construction
  • Low-noise operation with noise-suppressing inserts in the guide rails
  • First-class sight protection in living rooms and bedrooms when the roller blinds are closed
  • Optimal darkening on command
  • Can be combined with standard roller blinds
  • Also suitable for repairs and renovations
  • Service and maintenance-friendly