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To satisfy the growing intrusion protection requirements of residents and insurance companies, Global Shading Solutions and their partners have developed reliable security solutions for window shutters.

Most people consider their own four walls to be a place of safety and security. Here they feel at home and recharge their batteries. But that sense of security can quickly disappear. One break-in is all it takes and they lose confidence in their security. It’s not just the material damage experienced, but also and most importantly the invasion of privacy. But you can take steps to effectively prevent this and feel safe and secure in your home.

In order to stop burglars in their tracks, it’s important to ensure the perfect combination of model, frame, straps and special fittings. If installed correctly, this produces reliable solutions, which are adapted to individual risk situations.

Please contact one of our team on 01403 711885 or email enquiries@globalshadingsolutions.com for more information on our bespoke security options available.

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